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120 Orphans – Sponsor for NEW shoes.
We are creating a miracle for 120 orphans that Sofia lived with, and are holding an iPad mini giveaway to kick off the last fundraiser of our adoption journey… but these funds are not for us. We are fully funded. This is ALL going to the orphanage in Eastern Europe where Sofia has lived her whole life. view the blog post for full details.

Please sponsor picJPG


May 28- Sep 19 SHOE DRIVE  With “Angel Bins”
Please help up gather 10,000-12,000 POUNDS of shoes!! Angel bins will give us 60 cents per pound toward Sofia’s Adoption 😀 Help us RACE TO THE FINISH!! Full drop off list located in the main news feed posts. THANK YOU!!Featured image for-web-ShoeFundraiserUPDATE: Thank you all for a HUGE Successful shoe drive!! 🙂 12076380_10207910500463081_279417229_o



Ending May 2015    i-Pad Mini Give-Away – Fund Raiser
Donations to be made either online through our Family Sponsor Program PayPal link, Cash, Check or any charge card (Through Square Reader)
See full details here:

ipad mini

April 1 – May 5    Selected as a 5/5/5  Family Program Participant

We are looking for 10 people who would be willing to donate $5 or more toward this awesome program we we picked to be a part of. This benefits 5 families who are also adopting and the total pool will be divided evenly between all of us to take care of adoption expenses. THIS ENDS MAY 5th!!  The Face Book link to go to for donations is  or CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW TO SEE THE FAMILIES AND DONATE $5.  On behalf of all of the families involved this month, We thank you for your generous donations!

An anonymous donor is donating $1000 as a matching grant into our Family Sponsor Program fund if we can raise the first $1000 ourselves!!! WE ONLY NEED $454 MORE! SUPER EXCITING!! Amazing news! We need out FSP account to reach $1422 before it will be matched with an additional $1000. We could get the call at ANY TIME to travel to Eastern Europe and “Be there by Friday”  (It’s happened to a few friends of mine. No warning, and super short notice to LEAVE NOW and come meet your child) Being able to receive this matching grant will mean that we can afford our full travel expenses for our first trip. PLEASE HELP US RAISE THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, we only have half of what we need to pay for our flights.

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