The Big Reveal!!

Friday May 29th, right before i go to bed I have this thought to “Bump the posts 1 last time on Face Book” to see if we could get finished with out i-Pad mini Giveaway fund raiser… and guess what happens!! HAHAhaha, oh my heck people, I’m telling ya, Ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you, then FOLLOW THE INSPIRATIONS THAT COMES TO YOUR MIND! I had 2 people donate that night! then Just as I’m about to posted a message on FB, I check my account… 1 last person literally slid into the finish line and we met our goal!  “We’re finished! The Drawing happens tonight!” Miracle much? YAH!! 😀 God is so good. He truly is mindful of all of our needs and wants to be a part of all of our lives, but we must let Him in.

So with the help of my hunky monkey husband, we have put together this fantastic little ditty of a video to share the excitement of who the big winner is! 🙂 We apologize for the delay in getting this up… we had a few technical difficulties and I didn’t realize rendering a video on an old computer takes a few hours 😛 Enough jibber jabber.

AND THE WINNER IS….  Click here to watch the Big Reveal!!

Ari iPad i pad 1

CONGRATULATIONS!!! And thank you ALL again SO SO MUCH for helping us achieve 2 goals! We were able to qualify for a matching grant of $1000 and able to have a successful fund raiser! XOXO your the best!



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