Tears of Joy!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I woke up to some Amazing News!! There is an anonymous donor who is going to give us a matching donation of $1000Β  when we raise $1000 more into Sofia’s FSP (Family Sponsor Program) account!! WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Currently we have $422, so it needs to get to $1422 before we qualify to receive the matching donation.

$1000 match

This was SUCH great news, I started crying when I heard! I was so relieved to know and see that my prayers are being heard and answered. I’ve been trying and working my best and haven’t always felt like everything I was doing was as successful I’d hoped. I’ve tried so many different things, failed at some, but learned a lot, and I’m SO so grateful for this daily miracle. This patience skill is a challenge to master at times, but news like today keeps my spirits up and going. I feel like I gained an encouraging kick to the pants to keep moving forward and HOLD ON FOR THE NEXT PART OF THE RIDE!

I KNOW without a doubt that the Lord and this little angel girl has many more miracles to show us along the way with this journey. It’s exciting to have the feeling of anticipation for these events to FINALLY HAPPEN. We’ve been working for nearly exactly 9 months now to adopt Sofia.

One thing I haven’t posted in this blog is about my personal “growth” πŸ™‚ I am pregnant. I had a strong impression that I would get pregnant sometime during this adoption process, just didn’t expect it to be so soon after we started.Β  The safest and soonest time I could go into labor would be May 15th (at 36 weeks along) or according to my ultrasound I could deliver as late as June 18th.Marcy Snapshot 5-5-15There is a small window I’ll be able to travel before I have this little boy, and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! I KNOW there are miracles just waiting to happen. Other families have been notified, at the last minute, to “Be here on Monday” to start the court process in country, with literally only DAYS to prepare. We have a little saved for our first travel expenses, and with this news of a $1000 matching grant when we hit $1422 in our FSP, WE WILL HAVE ENOUGH TO TRAVEL!!!! Ok, tearing up again. I swear it’s the pregnancy hormones. πŸ™‚ I’m so anxious to meet my little Sofia. not a day goes by that she’s not on our minds.

We are holding a Give-away drawing for an i-pad mini right now. The Donations received from this drawing goes directly into our FSP account and count toward us qualifying to receive the $1000 matching donation from this amazing anonymous donor. (I don’t know who you are, but you are Heaven sent.) To all who are reading this, PLEASE help us meet this goal before we get the call to leave. It could literally happen at the drop of a hat, any time, with no warning. I am calling on all Angels and Warriors to please stand with me and help us raise these funds, guide me to the right people, inspire my thoughts, lead me to wherever I need to go next. I know you’re there, you’re so close I can smell you. πŸ™‚

To be included for the i-Pad mini drawing we’re asking for a minimum donation of $20 please. Which means you potentially have a chance to win an i-Pad Mini for only $20!! ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE AND COME WITH A RECEIPT FOR YOUR RECORDS.Β When you place your donation through the PayPal link below, leave a message before you submit your donation saying β€œi-Pad Mini” so we know to include you for the Give-Away.Β 

Here’s the Breakdown:
$20 donation = 10 chances gifted to you for your name to be drawn
$30 = 15 chances
$40 = 20
$50 = 25
$60= 30
$70= 35
$80= 40
$90= 45
$100= 50

The Drawing is being extended until 5/15/2015. For full details, look at my previous post about the i-Pad Mini.

Thank you all for your support, in prayers, donations, kind deeds, sharing with friends and family, etc. Every dollar is so so precious to us, we consider everything we’ve received for this adoption as sacred.

Excited and Searching for the next miracles,
The Valenzuela’s

Later this same night: I was invited to a Mothers Night out with a bunch of other local mom’s with children who have Down Syndrome to eat and visit together. We totally lost track of time and didn’t end up leaving until close to 11pm. We had a lot of fun though. A very sweet surprise to end the night was when I was given the total donation monies that everyone brought to cover the Pizza cost!! I didn’t see that coming at all! but my sweet friend told me as she handed it to me “This was always meant to go to you”. And I cried again between saying Thank you a hundred times.Group Pic at Gigi's

Yes this is redundant, but I need to reiterate that every dollar is seriously precious to us and we consider everything that comes to us in Sofia’s behalf sacred funds. Thank you again dear friends from the bottom of my heart. xoxo! It’s been such a great day! πŸ™‚






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