20151115_170041Little did I know this video was a precursorΒ  to a miracle… Nov 10th, I got a call that my Home Study update was COMPLETE!!

Next step was to get it sent off to my agency, along with another form. (Adoption comes with many roller coasters both positive and challenging, unexpected mailing expenses and time delays. Whenever things are in my control IΒ  move like lightning to complete them. Documents were overnighted the morning of Nov 12 after i dropped Ari off at Pre School. A few hours later I get a call from my agency… “Would you like to meet your daughter?”

My mind was racing… “Woah! wait a minute!” I run down stairs to my husband, hit the phone on speaker… Robin continues “Since your Home Study update is complete, the prime minister never recanted the invitation when it was originally given in June (Duke was born June 12) and you can technically travel whenever you’d like!”

AAAAAAAHH!!!!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ We Laughed, We Cried, We jumped up and down, then we PROMPTLY GOT ON THE PHONE WITH THE TRAVEL AGENT FOR THE NEXT DAY!!!Β  Literally. (Incredibly we got a killer deal with the cost of the flights for the whole family. one of many miracles.)Β  Flights were booked bright and early for Friday Nov.13th. Then this happens…

We had no idea until we got home about the terrorist attacks in Paris. Complete miracle and hand of God


We would have been in rout to Paris (with our whole family) it would have been a complete traveling nightmare. yet as you just saw, I was calm and knew this happened for a reason. πŸ˜€ God is so good to protect my family.Β  Deepest condolences to the families who were affected in Paris. God Bless them.

The next morning Bright and early… Round 2 πŸ˜€

Trip took us to NY, Amsterdam, Moscow THEN our final destination arriving at 1:30 am local time. Family Flying

We slept a few hours then woke up to go to the prime ministers office then off to meet Sofi at 9am for visiting hours. We were just a bit exhausted… mixed with adrenaline = yep, we were zombified. Thankfully we documented it well with video and pictures so we could watch it back and see what we actually did there πŸ˜€

Since we missed our first flight, our luggage flew ahead of us, thinking we would meet up with it at the final destination… nope. it was lost. got stuck in NY. We finally received it to our apartment 2 days before we left home. Thankfully we had a washer in the apt. πŸ˜€

I’m glad things happened they way they did. It makes the story have more flavor πŸ˜€
More to come.


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