Suprise find. “Unlocking Love”

The other night I was looking back at the information on Reece’s Rainbows with Sofia’s profile (This is the website I originally found her) and noticed something I hadn’t before. Next to her picture was a little picture of a Christmas tree angel and underneath it says “I have a Christmas Tree Angel Warrior.” Not knowing what that was I decided to click on it and find out. I’m taken to another site, and I see Sofi’s picture!? then I start reading… Someone else was trying to raise funds for Sofia’s adoption…. ??!! What? I didn’t understand what was happening. Was I too late? was someone else pursuing my little girl too? my heart was racing, it was near midnight, I wasn’t understanding what was in front of me. There was a link to “Contact the organizer” so I did, asking if she was planning to adopt her. I read Everything again and was able to calm down enough to pay attention and understand what was going on. I read more into this blog that I fell upon where this fund raiser was being done. It’s a young woman, 18 years old.

Every year for the last 4 years she gets on Reece’s Rainbows and selects an orphan she feels drawn to and does fund raising for. It’s a program called “Angel Tree Warrior” Angel Tree warriorThe more I’m reading about this young woman the more I am impressed with her. She has been making Tutu’s and selling them to raise funds for Sofi. The program technically doesn’t even really start until November 1st and lasts till Dec 31st to raise $1000 + for the selected child. This is done in a effort to build grant funds up for the chosen child who has a Angel Tree Warrior. Most people who look at the kids on Reece’s Rainbow see children who are in a vast spectrum of disabilities and to see a large grant attached to their file  helps these children  and is a huge encouragement to potential families to pursue an adoption. With an urgent feeling, I decided I needed to move faster and make it known to my agency and Reece’s Rainbow that Sofia needs to be marked as “My Family Found Me.” The only way to get that accomplished though is to prove it in money – by getting my Agency’s fee’s paid for to show I’m serious about the adoption commitment etc. My Family Found MeUnknown to me, the Angel Tree program will last either until the end of the month, or until the child is marked as “My Family Found Me”. As a result of anxiously wanting to secure this adoption, I unintentionally halted Kaitlyn’s progress by stopping her fund raising efforts for the Angel Tree program before it even began. She has a website entitled “Unlocking Love” (that has sense been updated) where she blogged about “Scarlet” and all of the different efforts she’s trying to help her find her family… well, until she learned about me 🙂 . She regularly updates her website with the kids she’s advocating for and shows all of the crafts or t-shirts or things like Jewelry, headbands, etc. to bring in to sell and raise funds for these different kids. I realize that I misplaced the file with all of the cute hand made things she’s done or I’d show a picture.


We were able to get in contact with each other and she explained how things work, and told me she’d still be willing to do some fund raiser things to help Sofia. Apparently I was the first “parent” she’s had any contact with in all the time she’s been an advocate for these kids. It was as exciting for her as it was for me. I was again very impressed with and thankful for her help to still work on Sofia’s fund with me. It wasn’t a substantial amount, but every little bit has grown together into something bigger then I ever could do by myself and I was incredibly grateful for all of her hard work on Sofia’s behalf. Awesome young lady. We’ve become friends out of this experience and I’ve kept in touch with all of the other fund raisers and kids she’s now helping out. Talk about ambition! She’s the type of person who is moving mountains at a young age and I’m very anxious to see the woman she will someday become.


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