Shoot’n for shoes- YOUR Photo day!!!

God gave me Angels for friends. I can’t help but smile as I write this.  I’ve been so SO blessed with this adoption journey in making friends I never would have had it not been for Sofia.  I’m deeply grateful for each and every one of you… there are too many to name one by one, but I do want to highlight one close friend who is creatively helping me with this last project of getting shoes for  the  120 orphans who live in Sofia’s orphanage.
Livia Pewtress is my multi-talented professional photography friend, who (out of the goodness of her heart and of her own free will)  put together a photography day on May 14th to help aid in sponsoring these orphans to get shoes!! Can you believe her!! 😀 I can’t, she amazes me with every corner I turn.




CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW for full details. ACT FAST, THERE ARE A LIMITED # OF SESSIONS AVAILABLE AND THEY ARE GOING FAST! This session can be used for whatever you desire- Family, Kids, Mothers/Fathers Day, Generations, Baptism, Engagements, Bridal.  You have the time to shoot whatever you desire.

Thank you Livia for being an answer to prayers. Friends, take advantage of this opportunity, Livia is an excellent photographer and I’m honored she is so willing to be a part of our orphanage miracle. LETS SPREAD THIS LIKE WILDFIRE!!! Please share share share!! 😀
If you’d like to Sponsor an orphan directly, Here is the link to donate and be entered into an iPad Mini Giveaway

Thank you friends for your support! xoxo
~the Valenzuelas

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