Many Milestones Reached, Others Almost Complete!

I don’t know how many people use Vision Boards, but they TOTALLY WORK! Oh my goodness. The last few days have been amazing. I felt like the i-pad and matching grant of $1000 efforts had been stagnant and didn’t know what to do, so I re-visited my vision board and started praying for inspiration and direction of what I needed to do to get these goals met. Then I had the thought to check FaceBook for upcoming events and share our story with people.  I’m telling ya, ASK and ye shall receive – AND FOLLOW YOUR INSPIRATIONS!! The Lord knows where to send you! So last Friday, I told my husband I found what we were doing for Date night 🙂 it was a free concert at Temple Square in SLC of Cello music! LOVED IT! Modern music, classical, and everything in between.
Cello SLCAfterwards we walked around, I met people and shared our little card explaining our adoption asking if they could help me share and get the word out. People are willing to share 🙂 and I’ve found that’s been the best way for me to address people. The evening was coming to an end and we realized that we needed to get a parking validation, so we went to the Garden Restaurant for an appetizer so we could get it (Ended up costing more then if we were to have just paid the full parking ticket… BUT all things happen for a reason 😀
Garden Resteraunt
Waiting at the elevator, I decide to be brave and talk to this last group of people also waiting there. It was a family group, who also had a member of their family (not there) with Down Syndrome… and they actually don’t live very far from us! They were very kind, read through my little card I handed out, and gave a cash donation to us 🙂

It makes me laugh. there’s always 1 person, or 1 family I was supposed to meet whenever I go out, and sure enough, they were the ones I was supposed to find that night. Above all though, I’ve really enjoyed making connections with the people, and getting new friends. I think that’s the most important thing too. The fund raising that comes in is merely a byproduct of these connections and friendships. It’s the people that make my heart happy.

I found another event on FB (and then saw that my sister and brother in law were planning to go too) and felt impressed to go to that the following day. Great conference. Lots of excellent information and vendors with great things for emergency prep. Emergency prep conference
Again, I met a family. 🙂 They were captivated by Ari and we became quick friends. I LOVED THEIR story! They are from Montana. The mom was telling me about her 41 year old son with Down Syndrome, who is married! They have lived on their own for 10 years!
Married Downs 1 copy
I couldn’t get enough, I wanted to talk to them forever. The daughter that was at the event then told me she loved seeing little kids with Down Syndrome because she’s used to working with adults. She runs an adult daycare facility and regularly has 5-6 adults with Downs that come, so when she saw a baby, she was all sorts of excited. 😀 We exchanged info and they left a very generous donation for Sofia. Got me in tears. My heart was very full, and I’m SO excited to have them as friends now! We’ve been texting and sending pictures back and forth 🙂 She had to get a pic of Ari to show her son.Fam pic May 2015-3Every Day has brought more and more blessings and miracles. Last night I had a feeling to “bump” my post on Face Book one last time in an effort to get the last $48 raised for us to qualify for our matching grant of $1000… and guess what happened!!!! One of the mothers that’s in my group of adoptive families sent me a message asking how close I was to the match – and within 20 seconds wrote me back, “I just donated $50” AAAAHH!! 😀 Wow wow wow!!! Oh my heck I love my friends! and I love being in this adoption community. There’s been countless times we have received generous donations both large and small that have been so touching and so very much appreciated. I continually thank those people but wanted to publicly state how appreciative we are of everyone’s kindness and generosity. XOXO

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