Last Minute Miracles

As I was preparing for the fund raiser I was going to tons of different businesses asking if they would be willing to donate toward our auction. Gift certificates, gift baskets, things like this. One of the very last places I visited, just days before the fund raiser, was a beauty salon. I started talking to the manager, told my story and they were more then happy to help out. Afterward, the lady that just got her nails finished came up to me and asked me more about my story, about Sofi, asking where I said she was from. I told her, to which she responded… “There is a couple in my church that are leaving to the same country on their mission!”

What??!! a few days prior I was trying to contact the mission office in Eastern Europe but have had a really hard time finding the correct information… then this happens! Total answer to prayers. Crazy amazing! So Julie gives me her contact info and tells me to stop by the Hallmark store where she works, and she’d give a donation for the fund raiser too. “You are a part of my next miracle. I was supposed to be here, and I was supposed to meet you. I had a feeling to go through these last few businesses before I finished and you bring me an answer that I was searching for.” 🙂 The ladies at the Salon watching all of this happen were amazed what they were seeing and hearing as they filled out their gift certificates to give me. This was an awesome miracle. I have no idea what will come out of it, or what exactly I’m supposed to do. I’m just listening to the Lord and following the best I know how, and things are just happening. In a way, I feel like I’m just along for the ride, and there are surprises around every corner.

So I get the phone number of this couple and didn’t have time to call them when I first got it. A week passes, and I kept having a feeling to contact them. Saturday October 18th, it hit me hard, “You need to do it today.” I looked and looked for the note book I had their information in and couldn’t find it! :/ crap. so I tried to get a hold of Julie, I didn’t remember her last name, but I did know where she worked! So I was able to track her down that way. When I spoke with her she mentioned that The Stephens had JUST had their farewell meeting last Sunday… Shoot. Heart starts pounding. I got the couples contact info again. If I’d have remembered their names I’d have looked it up myself. Paper in hand, I decided “no more waiting, do it now!” Mr Stephens, picks up the phone, “Hi, you don’t know me but Julie from your church gave me your information and told me you were going on a mission in Eastern Europe, I’m adopting a little girl with Downs Syndrome from the same country you are going to.” He said he had talked to Julie and heard about me. I asked if there was a time I could come meet them before they left. He said he was glad I called, but that they were just taking care of the last few things to prepare their house to be ready for the new residents. “Well, we’re going to be here for about another hour, then we’re leaving to stay with relatives before we take the flight to Eastern Europe.” they were leaving THAT NIGHT.  “give me your address I’m leaving right now.”  When I drove up to the house, I was pleasantly surprised. I forgot one detail that Julie had mentioned to me the first time. They have a son with Downs Syndrome! He was out playing with his cousins in front. I can’t help but immediately fall in love with people who have Downs Syndrome! They make me so happy and excited I feel like I want to jump out of my skin.


Super cute kid. He’s 28 and will be serving a mission locally at The Bishops Store House and staying with family while the parents leave on their mission to Eastern Europe. I thought that was SO cool. What an awesome family. I wasn’t able to visit long with them, but I was very impressed by them and super excited to see what on earth the Lord has in store for all of us. It’s seriously exciting, I don’t know what to expect. We’re planning to keep in touch. I’m hoping to visit them when we get Sofia 🙂 It’s so incredible how things are falling into place throughout this whole process. God is so good.





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