February- 4 days later… and Dossier adventures.

4 days after we hear from the first grant approval 🙂 We get notified by a second grant agency!! GoldenDawn.org,  our application had been reviewed and approved to receive $2000!!!

I have to laugh. It’s too amazing to me! one right after the next, WOW. 😀 I laugh, I cry, rinse and repeat. The Lord has been SO good to us. We are so very very blessed.

Fun Adventures compiling the Dossier: (This is a stack of legal documents that is sent to the adoption country for those who are not familiar with the term)

As some of you may know, I am a woman who is bound and determined to get things done, and I do my very best to achieve every goal that comes with the day.

Feb 12, I go down to the county Sheriff’s office to pick up our Police clearances stating we’re not criminals, and I don’t know where the heck I’m going. So frustrated, driving around for a good 20 minutes… I know it’s close, I just don’t know the right road I need to go down. Well, I finally get there… as cars are driving out of the parking lot, it’s 5:04. D’oh! Well, at least I know how to get there when I come back tomorrow.

Feb 13, Round #2. Get to the Sheriff’s office bright and early first thing in the morning. Get the documents, and notice they totally slaughtered my husband’s middle name. 🙂 I should have written it down, but it was nothing close to Alejandro. if I remember right, they started it with an H or G. Which meant that I needed to wait for them to get it re-done. (story of the last few weeks, Get-er-re-done) Then I was notified that the Sheriff that originally processed the papers left the office for about an hour. Tick-tock tick-tock and Yay! Got it! 😀

Feb 18th, I got the last 3 reference letters delivered to me. So thankful for all of my friends and family who have helped by writing reference letters in our behalf, AND went to get them notarized as required for the Dossier.  One thing I forgot to mention to my reference people was to make sure that the notary they use, had a stamp that didn’t expire for at least 1-2 years… this resulted in having to get a few things re-done. 🙂 Yay for learning! 1 MORE DOCUMENT AND DOSSIER COMPLETE!

Feb 19th, Thursday. My goal date to get all documents Apostiled (or Authenticated) at the State Capitol. Last document was to get the Medical Report from our Dr notarized. I had been in contact with the office practically daily for the last several weeks seeing if “Today is a good day to come pick it up?” Thursday is the last day the clinic is open during the week, and as an extra surprise to me, my Dr was leaving early because she had to catch a flight out of state for a conference she was attending.  I literally had a 1% chance, and I was taking it! Packed up the baby, got the Dossier together, headed to the clinic. The day before I was told, my Dr was going to try to get it notarized during her lunch break on Thursday, but because there was a long line at her bank, and she had several clients yet to see, she wasn’t able to get it done. The ONLY way it would be done is if the notary were to come to the clinic. I call my credit union that was just down the street to see if there was a notary, with a stamp valid for 2 more years, that would be willing to come to me at the clinic. I told the story of what was happening, and how important and greatly needed this notary person was right now.  People, there are angels among us! This Sweet girl comes and waits with me for a few minutes until my Dr is available for a quick 3 minute signing. They have amazing chocolates at the clinic, I told her to pick her favorite one, my treat!!  LIFE SAVER! another mini miracle to add to this adoption adventure 🙂 well… that would be several mini miracles actually.

From there, I take Ari, who was playing so happily with the toys in the waiting room, and haul it up to the State Capitol. The least expensive rout to get documents is a waiting period of 3-5 days and costs $15 per document. I had 19 documents…. Correction, 19 TYPES of documents. (This detail comes into play later in the story) So, I pay my $285 hand over my stack of papers, and am told they would be ready to pick up Wed Feb 25.

Feb 25, My plan: pick up Apostiled documents (Interesting term that it’s named. “Apostile” literally means “to be a witness of”) I take my husbands laptop and scanner so I can have a record for myself, then plan to get copies and overnight shipment done at the Harmons in SLC just down from the state capitol. That was awesomely convenient when I learned there was a Harmons that close. HOWEVER… dun dun dun…

I am able to pick up the Apostiles by noon, and scanning them into the computer takes a little longer then I expected, and had to call hubby for some help because I’m not used to working on a MAC. When I drive down to Harmons, the only “Printer” they have is a Fax machine scanner that has to have staples taken out in order to run through the machine… well i can’t do that because that will destroy the Stamp and seal and make the documents invalid. Crap. ok, so i was told to go down the street to the Fedex Kinko’s to get the prints done, because they couldn’t help me. (I got there at 2:45, to get a package shipped overnight it has to be in sooner then later… the latest time I was told to be there was 4 for a guaranteed Overnight delivery, which gave me just over an hour.)

I head down the street… trying to find Fedex, call them back for directions because I’m not finding it… “Oh, thanks, you said East not west the first time.” 🙂 not sure if you’ve ever tried to make copies with a paper stapled to it without disturbing an official stamp/seal, it’s a bit challenging. But I got-er-done, all 90 pages copied. Phew. Check the time… AAaaa, 3:50. I’m good, still have time, pregnant and running, I race to my car (Kinda wish I could get that on camera, I probably looked really amusing) get to the parking exit and… there’s a line of cars waiting to get through the ticket pay parking meeter. Aaaaahh! crap, ok, calling Harmons, “Please hold on, I’m stuck in a parking garage and NEED to get this out for overnight!” – “If you can get her before 4, you’re ok, that’s when our registers are programmed to turn off for any Guaranteed overnight deliveries.”  Joy. and I wait… and wait… what the heck it happening up there? the cars are NOT moving. Please someone. several minutes pass, line of 10 cars SLOWLY decreases, and it’s my turn at the automated ticket pay station. Oh, now I understand why the person was so confused and slow. it looked as though it would only take certain bills. I only had 2 $1’s and it cost 3.50… crossing my fingers I put in a $5 bill and it took it. look at my clock, 4:04, call Harmons. “The courier hasn’t picked up yet, but because our registers shut off Overnight service by 4, your best bet is to go to the post office.”

Did I mention I’m not familiar with Salt Lake all that well? I find the post office, almost by accident (Thankfully by accident) and race in. LONG LINE. slap hand to forehead…. I’ve got to ask when their overnight shipments are cut off. So I took the opportunity to yell across the room to ask the postal worker who was taking his time and obviously not currently busy… and the entire line of people turn to see who the lady was that was making a scene 🙂 Phew, thankfully I was good till 5, which was also good because I had to wait in line for quite a while before I got up to the counter. Huge sigh of relief, my goal for the day was complete!

Oh crap, I scheduled someone to come measure my carpet at 4:30, well, that didn’t happen… Totally didn’t expect this day to go so long. Double crap, I rescheduled Ari’s PT appointment for 5:30! D’oh! that didn’t work. I was so focused on this Dossier that I felt nothing else mattered the rest of the day and was so relieved when I finally got everything done, I just had to treat myself to some frozen custard. :)MMmmmmmm Carmel Cashew.

… The Story continues – in the next post.

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