Dossier Part 2

Remember how I mentioned in the last post that I had 19 TYPES of documents to be Apostiled… Well, here’s the rest of the story.

Feb 23, Monday, the Dossier is received by my agency and they send me an email saying that not all of the documents are Apostiled… WHAT?? Yes they are, All of the pages that have a notary stamp have a state stamp in the corner, and only the top cover page has the State letterhead with the bossed seal. Well, another lesson learned. That top letter head page is what is needed for ALL pages that have a notarized stamp, not just a corner state stamp. More specifically, any “Hague” adoption country requires documents strictly screened and authorized.

This means that of the 19 TYPES of documents, I actually needed 29 apostles done.  (29 x $15=$435 total) I had to pay an additional $135. But my files were in North Carolina with my Agency. So in an effort to get this done as quickly as possible, I asked them to please overnight the missing documents back to me to get re-done. 🙂 Haha. The good part, I’m really learning how to do everything correctly.

March 3, Fedex package is held at Ogden office to be picked up, Drive up to get it, drop off Ari at Grandma’s in Kaysville, then back down to State Capitol to get the remaining pages completed. By this time I have made a relationship with the front office secretary in the State Governor’s office. Angela agreed to make up the difference a little for me by getting them back to me quicker then normal because they have already been viewed once, and already had a corner stamp… so instead of paying MORE to have them processed quicker, I still need to pay the additional $135, but I’d get them in 2 days. Tomorrow is the Final day! (well, according to the clock, Today is the final day – it’s 1:14 am)

March 5: picking up 9 documents from State Capitol, and sending overnight to Agency in North Carolina. and (Crossing fingers) hopefully they will be able to send Dossier out as quickly as possible to adoption country. I asked if they could mail out the same day they receive my documents, but they have been pretty busy with very exciting news that came through today for several families. March 4, several families have been officially invited to travel for the first time to see their children and get court dates set up to be officially “Matched” to adopt their child. YAY!!! I have several friends that have been affected by todays news, and are traveling as soon as  3 days to 18 days from now 🙂 it’s been a very exciting day and I’m SO THRILLED for them! 🙂

So for us, the time line from here on out… After the Dossier is mailed, it takes a few days to a week to be reviewed by Agency (Typically) then they mail it over to the country, which takes a week to be mailed. It will take another week for the files to be translated into their native language. After that, the files will be reviewed and we will receive our invitation to travel for the first time. From the time the Dossier is submitted, we can get invited over anywhere from 2-4 months after.

Funding wise, we are still about $15,000 short of what we need, This is including travel expenses and in country fee’s and is a total guesstimate. right NOW flights are expensive because it’s spring break. (Over $2000 per person)

… I’m currently pregnant. 5+ months to be exact. I’m due anywhere from June 5-18. It would be Awesome if I was able to travel before Rodrigo is born. The first trip lasts 7-10 days, and I know it will be a challenge, but hey, anything is possible, and I’m an extremely optimistic person, and determined. 🙂 from this point out though, it’s out of my hands. This 100% in the Lords hands, and I’ll continue to follow every inspiration that comes to me, after praying about it of course. 🙂  If at all possible, the earliest I would still be “safe” to travel would be April or the first week in May. After that, it will have to be July when we travel. I’m not going to dis-count anything though, I’ve witnessed and been a part of too many miracles to know that an early trip before baby is due is a definite possibility. I’ve deemed myself as the queen of 1% chances after all 😉 So please pray for us, and that the very best scenario, whatever that may be, will come to pass 🙂

The sooner our first trip happens, the sooner we can bring Sofia home. After the first trip, we will be notified in 4-6 months for trip #2 where we will bring her home. I’m hoping and praying that we will bring her home this year.

I think I’m finally caught up with the news of the last few months. I’ll post more as new adventures pop up 🙂 I’ll be holding a donation/giveaway for an ipad mini as a fund raiser. Keep your eyes pealed for more details. 🙂





2 thoughts on “Dossier Part 2

  1. Diana

    Wow, what an update! You’ve definitely been busy, but it’s all going to be so worthwhile when You get yo meet Sofia, and then bring her home, I’ll be praying for you. I did send a message to your fb page not sure if you got that. Wishing you all the best and will pray for April travel dates xxx

    • Hickuela

      Thanks Diana 🙂 it’s exciting! crazy adventure, but I’m having a good time. Thank you for your prayers. Hope you and your family are well XOXO

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