Reece’s Rainbow is the website we found Sofia on. To protect her identity, they gave her the alias name “Scarlet”, but we will be naming her Sofia Ava. We have a Family Sponsorship Program through their website where tax deductible donations can be made toward her adoption. You will receive a Tax receipt after donating. Click the link to see the progress of Sofia’s FSP (Family Sponsorship Program) account, and give a donation.

Update: on 04/24/15 we were informed by an anonymous donor that we were selected to receive a matching grant of $1000 if we could raise the first $1000 ourselves. When our FSP account hits $1422 we will qualify to receive the matching grant from this amazing kind person! We have no idea who it is but are SO THANKFUL for their generosity. With these funds, we will have enough for our first travel. YAY YAY YAY!!! Please help us get to the $1422 mark!

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