December’s update:

When Thanksgiving and Christmas hit, I started realizing that the fund raising efforts I had been previously working on needed to change. I was getting the feeling that “I’m getting to the point that I’m going to need more funds in a fast and large way to be able to get through what is coming up with this adoption. So I started focusing my efforts on finding Adoption Grants, however never truly stopping fund raising efforts on FB.

I had a very strong feeling that there was one grant I was supposed to find, and that the deadline was going to be very soon. Not knowing where to really look, I went to my friend Mr Google and asked him. Of course, SEVERAL different options popped up, and I started going through them one by one. It was probably the 2nd or 3rd that I came across and I got that feeling that “This was the one I needed to pursue.” It was a heart racing, excited feeling that I’ve come to recognize as an answer that “I found it!” Same feeling when we first found Sofia. So I looked at the deadline for the application… sure enough, deadline was 12/19/14. I had 2 weeks. This was my first grant I applied for, so it was a time consuming adventure to make sure everything was filled out correctly. The website was and the grant was anywhere from $5,000 – $15,000. I was hoping our story would prove to be a worthy cause, thinking, $5000 would be great if that’s a minimum they give (IF we’re approved).

Dec. 17 came, getting the last pieces together hoping that TONIGHT I would be able to get it in the mail… didn’t happen.

Dec 18th, ok, it’s going to get done today!! Double checking everything, getting distracted with housework, and with taking care of Ari, and, oh yah, eating. Didn’t get sent and I’m freaking out, wanting so badly to not just “be on time, but be early.”
Sending GrantDec 19th. The LAST DAY. it HAD to be post marked today for them to accept and review it or it would be sent to the next deadline’s review. I’m rushing the whole morning, having computer and printer issues, all the fun stuff you never like to have when you’re on a deadline. FINALLY All of the documents are put together and my printer decided to be nice to me, I get it all printed out! Phew!.. look at the clock, AAAaah! I need to be up to the post office NOW!!! Post office closes at 5:30, it was 5:25, I’m RACING up the street as fast as I can, knowing that it takes at least 10 minutes to get there. I get there, the lights are dimmed, there’s nobody in the parking lot, I run inside hoping, praying, knowing that SOMEHOW This has got to get out and post marked TONIGHT. I see a lady that’s clearing things up behind the counter, try knocking on the glass door to get her attention. All she does is ignore me. I’m not leaving, I know somehow this will get out tonight… then I hear noise behind one of the doors going to the mail drop. I start frantically knocking on the door, knowing someone was there. A man opens the door, I start crying. “I need to get this post marked for today, these are adoption papers.” The guy kindly took my package, told me the postage cost and took the envelope. And I cry a little more. 🙂 These were happy tears though. I thanked him over and over and over again telling him how much I appreciate him. Miracle of my day, week, heck, one of the last miracles of the year! Phew, I was able to get it done. Heart attack avoided. And now to wait… and start on the next grant application.
1535558_629772743735681_605739106_nFast forward to 02/05/2015, it’s a Thursday morning, Robinson and I just got back from my Midwife’s appointment and had our first ultrasound letting us know that WE’RE HAVING A BOY!! I’m driving Robinson back to his car parked up the street at Harmons Grocery store so he can head on to work. As we’re chatting on the drive back, I get a call on my cell phone from an out of state number… Ugg probably a solicitor, but I answer anyways. “Hi, is this Marcy Ven-lu-zualia?” ,  “Valenzuela, and yes this is Marcy.” (I’m always amused how people slaughter my last name 🙂

“Hi, this is _____ from Help Us…” wait, what? OH! Heart starts moving faster… “Hi!”,  “I’m just calling to get a few pieces of information before our board makes it’s final review of your application.” So we talk for a few minutes, she tells me that I’ll be notified by the end of the month what their final decision is. WOHOO! Awesome! that’s a double good news morning! I tell Robinson what’s happened, give him a kiss and sent him off to work.

5 days later, Feb 10th, I’m playing on the floor with Ari, trying to clean up the books by the piano, and get a call on my cell phone. Another out of state number. Well, I’ve learned now to answer EVERY out of state number because I have no idea who could be calling. Sure enough, “Hi this is _____ from Help Us” Excited and wanting to stay positive I respond “Hi! What’s the good news! :)” – “Actually I do have some good news for you. The review committee was very impressed and touched by your story and has decided to help you out with your adoption.” heart beating faster… hanging on to every word she’s saying with great anticipation…  “We want to award you with $15,000 to help you bring home your little girl.”

Immediate tears start flooding my eyes. I can’t speak. Oh my gosh. I’m in shock, and wasn’t sure I heard that right, did she say hundred or thousand? “How much again?”   “15 thousand dollars” I’m sobbing, no, bawling. Ari is looking at me as if to say, “Mama? What’s going on, are you ok?” I’ve never cried so many happy tears in my life. I had to tell Ari “Mama is very happy sweetheart, these are happy tears.” I swear it literally took a solid 3 minutes of crying before I could compose myself on the phone to speak next. The lady on the other line started crying too 🙂 Wow! what a miracle. What an answer to prayers, what a HUGE weight lifted and provided to us. This is what happens when you follow promptings. We had no doubt that from the very beginning the Lord has had his hand in this process. This just proved to us and reinforced our faith that this is SO right, this is SO meant to be. HOLY CRAP! What in the heck just happened!?

There’s more to come… but too much for one post.


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