Daily Miracles 10/9/14 you don’t want to miss this one

I am have been a plasma donor off and on since Jan 2014. it’s been a way I can help bring in a little more income for my family and has been very helpful.
About a month ago I learned a very interesting, insightful tool that I’ve been applying to my life and have really enjoyed it. My husband does this too. We wake up super early in the morning like 4am, get a notebook, and write a letter to Heavenly Father.  Telling all of our hopes, wishes, dreams, troubles, anxieties, EVERYTHING. Then, in the quiet stillness of the morning, we turn the page. And I start, “Dear Marcy…” and every tiny little thought that pops into my mind, I write, and write and write. (It’s like a way of practicing listening to the still small voice). There have been times I’ve got a few sentences, others where I got 3 pages. This is an amazing tool to use and my husband and I have really enjoyed putting it into practice. The last few times I have done this I got the same thing come to me twice. “Stop donating Plasma”  … “But that’s how I get extra money for gas, and to pay the phone…” it was a challenge for me to accept this. Then it happened for the second time. “Stop Donating Plasma, I can’t help your body get prepared to continue your family if you keep doing this.” – Ok, ok. Loud and clear. I need to stop. I wasn’t entirely happy about it, but if it was stopping a life from coming to earth, it was worth it.

In the mean time, my husband looses his job! that was really … cool to tell you the truth. He knew something was happening at work, he could feel it, it was a tangible feeling, I even felt it, something was wrong. So one day I came home from errands surprises to see him home (He was scheduled for another 3 hours) I walk in the kitchen, see him in his sweat pants and a funny look on his face. “What are you doing home?….” I start smiling, “You got laid off didn’t you?” We both bush up laughing! NO WAY! another set of miracles on the way! This is awesome. we KNEW he wasn’t going to be there long. (Mind you this was no fault of his, we actually don’t know the reason they decided to fire him) We had a feeling the wheels leading up to this day had been in play for a while, and now it came to pass. 🙂 Talking to each other, we knew this was a HUGE blessing in disguise. KNOWING something bigger and better was in the process of coming our way. With lots of faith and prayer and dedication, Robinson was able to find a job within a week! He’s now working at LDS Motion Pictures. 🙂 A dream job! He won’t have to miss Church any more because of his work schedule. He has a set steady schedule, off on weekends, a little distance to travel, but we got him a Front Runner Train pass that now travels to Provo. This whole time we are completely 100% pushing forward daily with adopting Sofia.
Front runnerThis morning I wake up, think of my time for the day, and decide to look into something that has been on my mind. Turns out, I AM PREGNANT!!! I had a feeling that “Sometime during this adoption process I could totally get pregnant.” I felt like I was foreseeing something was going to happen LATER down the road, but NOW!? Wow.
prego testI’m only a month along, and I know it’s common for women to wait till their first trimester to announce a pregnancy but I’m not going to wait. I have had miscarriage after miscarriage 5 times, one of which lasted 19 weeks. I have been ok emotionally through this because I thought to myself “As long as I don’t have to go through what happened with Armando, going full term and loosing him a few hours after birth,  I can handle it.” For those who are reading this for the first time. Armando was my first son, also born with Downs Syndrome, and had a major heart defect resulting in him living for only 3 hours after an emergency c-section.
1000961_573064002739889_1910086900_nDuring all of these failed pregnancies, I have lived in fear. Fear of what others would say, of what my family would think or say, fear of many things. ALL brought to me by the great deceiver SATAN. In coming to learn, and look back, and realize how HE has worked in my life, I have come to a very firm decision. I WILL NOT FEAR ANY LONGER! I AM DONE! When I was pregnant with Ariana I was continually afraid of being able to continue to keep the pregnancy because of my past experiences. it wasn’t until the very end of the pregnancy when I finally allowed myself to have joy and excitement for this little girl in my belly. I regret my actions for taking so long for Ariana to feel joy through me. NO  LONGER will I let Satan Plague my mind with Fear and doubt. I don’t care what stage of my pregnancy I am in with ANY child I have or am yet to have. I will start from the moment I know they are here to be excited, joyful, and happy. I refuse to teach my children fear from the early stages of existence. I will teach them joy. 🙂 I want each of them to know how excited I am for them, how I look forward to their success, and life and coming to our family, and what a special special blessing they are right from the get go. I WILL LIVE IN JOY, PEACE, FAITH, HAPPINESS, LIGHT, ENERGY AND LOVE. Satan, you have publicly been banished. NEVER return. I’ve got Guardian Angles surrounding my family and YOU ARE NOT WELCOMED!
484861_634091819970440_337385117_nSo we are pursuing Sofia and running with that adventure, and with a year we will have 2 more children 🙂 Let the miracles fly!  We’ve got 2 more days until our Giant fund raiser happens in South Ogden. All are welcome to come. Look up on FB ShouringForSofia for more information, times address and contact info. 🙂  I’m excited and hoping to see many people there. God bless you all. Have a great day!




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