Biggest Miracle Yet!!

Miracle 1 Thursday 09-25-14 My sister in law Dannika, calls me up and tells me that I’ve won tickets to a convention!  “What?”  I had noticed that she had posted on FB about a Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference and how they were giving away a few tickets to the convention. I was trying to help her get tickets, so I followed the requested protocol. (Like the page, Share it with 4 people)  Come to find out, Dannika was trying to help out her friend Maleah, win the tickets…. so guess what happens. Dannika and I end up  winning the tickets! Hahaha. that was Totally unexpected. Miracle 2 What are the odds that sister-in-laws would both win a drawing to go to the same conference?

Energy conference

In all honestly I wasn’t seriously looking to go. I didn’t think I’d be able to because of the cost and distance. It was in Orem,  2 hours away and my gas tank budget was spent on the last tank. I was driving in the car with my friend Natalie when Dannika called me and could hear what was happening.  When Dannika excitedly mentioned that we both won, and we could drive together. Miracle 3 Natalie gets wide eyed and says “Go! and Take your flyers!!!” My mind started turning… (This is when my husband would start making squeaky wheel noises as a sound effect for my hard thinking)  😛   … “Yah…. YAH! I could do that! even if the people down there couldn’t come, it would get the word out about Sofia! That’s a great idea Natalie!” I love having wise inspired friends.We had been going to different businesses asking if they would donate toward the Giant fund raiser we’re doing. Asking if they’d be willing to donate gift certificates and gift baskets that would go in the silent auction and raffle.

So as a very last minute plan, I told Dannika, “Ok, I’m in, lets do it!” … thinking in the back of my mind – “How in the heck can I do this? I have so much that still needs to get done with advertising for this fund raiser” in the same instance I thought, “Things will work out, somehow I’d have a team of helpers and won’t be doing it alone…. ok, whatever you say, I’ll go.”  I had a strong feeling that something was going to happen at this convention, that I was supposed to find 1 person- and I had no idea who in the heck it was supposed to be.

I was running low on flyers to decided to run to the printers to see if they would be willing to donate more color prints. I called them on my way and asked for a manager who told me unfortunately they were tapped out for donations, they just had another fund raiser they did printing for. “Let me tell you what I’m doing and see if you might be able to help me. I’m adopting a little girl with Downs Syndrome from Eastern Europe”  “Interesting, the flyers we did were for a downs syndrome in eastern europe also.” I thought to myself, is this someone different, or did one of my helpers go get more prints done? “Do you know who you did that order for? that’s awfully coincidental.” he came back after a minute “it was for a Sofia Someone…”  !!! What!? THAT”S ME, That’s my daughter!! I asked the ladies that were helping me if they did it and I have no idea who went to print more of my flyers but some kind stranger is helping to advertize for me 🙂 Miracle #4 This was exciting and awesome, yet I still needed to get a bunch made up for myself for the convention. So I went over a few cities and found the place I needed to be.  When I told him I needed 300 copies he told me he’d have to call his manager to get permission to print that many. We agreed on doing half sheets. He told me that normally they would not do this, but this is a very worthy cause. As he gets off the phone he tells her “Ok, love you, bye.” … wait a minute, this was his manager on the phone…  “You love your manager?”,  “Yah, we’re dating” Hahaha, cracked me up. Miracle 5

The Christ Centered Energy Healing Conference was great. Lots of venders with their own booths and several classes to attend. I was a little awkward, not exactly knowing what I needed to do with these flyers, just knowing I needed to bring them. So I went around to all the venders and gave them a flyer along with my story. I had a prayer in my heart and kept asking “Ok, where do I need to go next.”  and I heard “Go right” so I went to more venders.  The evening is starting to come to a close and I’m getting my bags together to head to the car. Saying my last good byes and thank you’s to the event organizer for picking our names to win tickets and a guy speaks over me asking if he can get a dolly to take his wife’s booth down with. I was intrigued by his accent. He was a handsome guy with olive skin… it wasn’t Hispanic, but I couldn’t place where he was from. So being the outgoing nosy person I am, I ask “I love your accent, where are you from?”  HE WAS FROM THE SAME COUNTRY SOFIA IS IN!!!  I start freaking out, I’m blubbering, I’m starting to break down in tears, this poor guy doesn’t know what the heck is going on, I reach my hand in my bag a rip out one of my flyers and do my level best to slowly speak and tell him “I am adopting a little girl with Downs Syndrome from your country. ” He talks to me some more, reads through my flyer then hands me a $100 bill! He goes to grab his wife, who is this darling blond American girl who’s booth was in the far RIGHT corner of the room!!! She was always busy, I passed her at least 3 times. I was supposed to meet them, and the Lord kept pushing opportunity after opportunity at me until her husband decided he should come down and help his wife take her booth down. Heaven inspired? Heck YES! we exchanged contact information and are planning on staying in close touch. There’s so much more to this story that wont be written here, but overall it was AMAZING. I was in complete tears. This was SUCH an answer to prayers. and I KNEW that HE was the one I was supposed to find. I knew there was one person, and at the LAST MINUTE I found him. Shesh, I’m crying just typing this up. THE BIG MIRACLE #6 -and 7

Instant Friends

I have a strong feeling that this couple will be life long friends. Had I not won a ticket to this conference, and had Dannika also not won… this never would have happened. There are so many more miracles on the horizon, I can feel it, I can smell it, I can practically taste it. This all happened in 1 day. and I haven’t documented the last months miracles. This TRULY is a journey of miracles. I’m excited to see what going to happen next. Please keep my family, Sofia and all those who are helping us in your prayers. Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂  if you feel inspired to donate toward Sofia coming home, God bless you and thank you my friend.

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