10,000 -12,000 Shoes

It’s here!! The next fund raiser will be to collect a minimum of 10,000 -12,000 pairs of shoes. Holy Cow you’re thinking? Yes, when I do something, I go big. All we need are your UNWANTED SHOES! This fund raiser is paid out through a foundation based in Los Angeles California called Angel Bins.
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*Full list of drop off locations is in the following post.
After we collect the shoes and deliver them to CA, the shoes are shipped to Africa. As a fund raiser, they pay us by how many pounds we have in shoes.  Our minimum goal is to collect 10,000 pairs of shoes. They mentioned, “you guys are within a reasonable driving distance being in UT, if there is a way you could transport them yourselves, instead of having our trucks come pick them up, you would earn 60 cents per pound ($6000) instead of 45 cents per pound ($4500) if our trucks picked up and delivered.” The trip will cost us about $1000 for the truck rental and gas, so we did a little math.  If we could get 12,000 lbs of shoes, we would be able to make up for the cost of the trip and retain more for the adoption expenses. So that’s the game plan. 12,000 PAIRS / POUNDS OF SHOES. We’ve already got a Penske Hauling truck reserved for September 15th to make the trip.SHOE thermometer POST ME

We need to fill 480 black garbage sacks (25 pairs of shoes in each) to meet our goal. Here’s a visual of what we’ll be bringing in. THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE, it’s of another family who was also raising funds for their adoption. I felt it was important for everyone to visually see this and know how much we need the help of the community to gather this amount of unwanted shoes. Every pair gathered might be smelly, but it is very valued. The impact these shoes will have for our sweet orphan princess and the recipients in Africa is invaluable. With your shoes, you are literally helping us save her life and bring her home.
Visual of 10,000 shoesMy contact information is at the top on the main flyer. It’s a great time to clean out your closets!! 🙂 We’ll take ANY shoes: Dress shoes, sneakers, sports shoes, heals, sandals, boots, New shoes you can’t return and don’t know what to do with, Childrens, Adults, Seniors and Tweener’s, WE WILL TAKE THEM ALL! Time to get rolling!
Thank you!! ~ The Valenzuela’s

The full list of drop off locations is in the following post.


2 thoughts on “10,000 -12,000 Shoes

  1. Can I ship shoes to you?. I live in Ft Worth Tx.

    • Hickuela

      Thank you so much Tracy… It wouldn’t be worth the shipping. We get 60 cents per pound and that’s not worth the cost in shipping them. Thank you very much though. if you would like to make a small contribution, on the right on our blog is a Pay pal account that goes toward our adoption. Thank you for wanting to be a part of our adoption journey 😀

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